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Beach Resort in Koh Samui

An Idyllic Beach Resort in Koh Samui

There are so many beach resorts in Koh Samui. Do you know why? Because it is the World’s top destination on any one’s list. Let’s find out why do travellers from around the World love to be in Koh Samui once in their lifetime.

Peaceful escape for Beach resort in Koh Samui

If you choose a good enough beach resort in Koh Samui, you’ll not get any disturbance from the crowd. At Mercure Koh Samui Beach Resort, we offer you the maximum tranquillity to make you even feel the sea, touch the sand and listen to your self’s sound. Escape from the busy World to calm tides. Only by sitting, silence and calm will heal you from the inside out at its most.

After getting some tanned skin from the beach, jump on the comfortable bed and get your body laid until you find its perfect pose. Our bed always says ‘welcome to the World of comfortable’.

Quick tips: the best month to visit Koh Samui is in August and November to witness the most beautiful period of the year. We’re sure you’ll have the best photo to look at for years and craving to come back after to left.


Superb location for your memories

Not only the tranquillity that beach resort in Koh Samui offers you, the location is another thing we’re great at. At Koh Samui, we do have so many different beaches for you to go and explore especially at Lamai Beach where Mercure Koh Samui Beach Resort is located.

You don’t even have to sharpen your photography skills to have nice photos to keep for your memories. All the spectacular rocks and island formation are there and waiting for you to make some photobomb and smile right at them for a long time.

Here’re the reasons why you should visit and stay in one of the beach resort in Koh Samui once in your lifetime.

beach resort in koh samui
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