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Romantic holidays in Koh Samui


On top of the fun activities we presented in many articles, Koh Samui also have a nice space for you and your loved ones. Grab your partner’s hand and unlock your day-off with romantic holidays in Koh Samui.


Walking by the sea bay, holding hands might be a bit boring. Let us suggest you with some couple activities to do together during your Koh Samui stay.

Koh Samui Sunset Sailing Tour

As you slip away from the seashore, you’ll find a nice view of the island lay down with the nice white sand beach on your eye sight. Travelling on the boat and explore the marine experiences while having a Thai authentic dinner together under the admiring shine of the last light of the day.

Private Picnic Experience

Take your hamper full of local tastes and sit down together over the white sand field compliment with the crystal clear sea in front while listen to those tidal waves gently crash to the line of rocks. Make sure you consult with our concierge team to have a nice and uncrowd island to relax. This way, you can experience a new way of telling romantic holidays in Koh Samui stories to your friends and family.

TIPS: Local food is the best for beach picnic; papaya salad, grilled BBQ chicken, etc.

Couple Massage/Spa

Instead of going out on a rush and exotic adventure in the island, elevate your romantic holidays in Koh Samui with massage but this time… together in couple. At Mercure Koh Samui Beach Resort, we offer you with a beach Sala massage when you and your couple and enjoy an hour, or even 2 hours, or Thai traditional massage.

Swim in a pool villa

Spend your quality time together privately in a one-bedroom villa at Mercure Koh Samui Beach Resort where great price meet great deal.

Those 4 activities above are just the beginning of your romantic holidays in Koh Samui. We do have many more fun things to go together with your couple. Check out and explore in our things to do in Koh Samui recommendation and who knows you might find out more to go.

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